Monday, February 18, 2008

Socialista: There goes the neighborhood

I'm quoting from another blog, but here goes:

"Socialista is quite possibly the most annoying and underwhelming establishment I've ever been to....a complete loss. It's the kind of place where patrons are made to wait outside in the cold while a doorman with the most severe case of tiny-penis complex I've ever witnesses does his best job of seeming relevant and important. ... The disapointment really came when I finally stepped in from the cold only to find that the interior is 30 degrees colder in terms of character and soul. Save yourself the hassle. If it's the AMAZING band you seek (Grupo Irek), they have a myspace page and perform at various locations throughout the city. They are a MUST see! If it's just another fabulous New York City night that floats your boat... stick to B8!

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