Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cheyenne Diner - gone

The bad news is the Cheyenne Diner has closed. On Ninth Avenue, open 24 hours, and THE perfect inexpensive spot to go for breakfast after a late night at the bars. Bring your date there first, chat over nourishing food, and thus restored, go on to whatever pleasures await you.

This is one New York City landmark I will genuinely miss. I have been going there for decades, usually in the wee hours when nothing would satisfy my hunger pangs but a sit me down with a plate of their eggs, home fries, sausage, honest coffee and a milk shake. That was food. Real food.

If the building were for sale, I'd buy it and move it somewhere where it would live again. It's a museum worthy piece of American history. Sad that NYC doesn't respect its treasures.

Another excellent late spot in the meat market is Hectors, on Washington Street, down the block from Forent, which is going to close because the landlord has a voracious, ugly appetite for money. You could het great mussels, excellent steak frites, and a decent cotes du thone at any hour.

Hectors has an excellent eggs, etc. menu too. It used to be the best place to go, and was packed in the pre dawn hours with butchers who used to work in the MMA. Is it me, or is this world coming to something that no one wants. I miss those guys in the white coats and hard hats.

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