Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iran Learns From America

In one of their closed door meetings, I'm seeing Ahmadinejad asking bush, "Come on George, tell me how did you get away with two stolen elections?" A long pause precedes his reply. "Truth is they had no way to do a thing about it. We have the courts, congress, the army, and the national guard." The twirp sits quietly reflecting to himself. "I can do that too. There would be no way for anyone to reverse it."

"It doesn't matter who votes, or how many vote.
It's who counts the votes that matters."
- Joseph Stalin

Saturday, August 23, 2008

China: Are they serious?

I mean, who do they think they're kidding? Like some school boy who scrubs his face and puts on his best behavior, actually believing his thin charade will convince adults he really isn't that enfant terrible he's been all along.

There was an article in the Washington Post today that featured the brave group of volunteers who sneaked in to Beijing, and posted a large "Free Tibet" banner before the thugs hauled them down. There were four comments all of which decried the students as anti-Chinese. The syntax of the comments convinced me they were written by Chinese speaking people. Were they for real, or were they propaganda, it doesn't matter. What matters to me is the people of China have been brought up believing the west is against them, they are good, and we are the bad guys. Smacks of the way the holy believers in the Middle East think. So many years of swallowing lies, you are what you believe.

This mess is gonna take a damn long time to fix.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


It occurs to me to wonder of the Arabs are using the oil prices to hurt us, or to lower the CO2 in Earth's atmosphere. I think they're out to screw us all, and to gain control of the world. They end up benefiting their swollen coffers, and those of the Bush cronies, including our VP, the one with no sense of humor.

The carrot W once held out to the gullible was we'd somehow get access to Iraq's oil is just a lie, a myth. We're screwed.

So then where does it go? I'm wondering what these oil pumpers are planning next. I see a tragic turn in US policy to drill for oil wherever we can, the wilderness be damned. I also see a few congressmen thinking of how we can take away that control from OPEC, even by force if need be. Nasty business, that.

Meanwhile, I see the cabbies finally rising up and taking a stand against the city's unreasonable gouging of the weakest, charging for credit card fees, gas, with no help at the meter. No less than six drivers last month told me they were thinking of giving up the cabs. Two owned their cabs, and were stuck paying off a huge loan on their medallions. So what is Mayor Bloomberg thinking? How can he screw the little guy again?

If they end up making a monumental move to block traffic, I'd be glad.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Feel like Chinese?

I feel deeply for the athletes who spent so much time, sweat and blood to hone their Olympic skills. I hate to see their dreams and goals trashed. But there is a higher ethic to be addressed. The Olympic Committee wants to build a trophy on dead bodies created by a host who will whitewash his dastardly deeds by hosting the Olympics. Is it right to let Beijing gain favor by doing so at the expense of the Olympians, the Tibetans et al, who are regularly crushed by Chinese policy? Do not the Olympics stand for more than gymnastics and throwing javelins?

Make no mistake. The Chinese are clever, and skilful, wily, and wise; they are also dangerous, and understand how to sway public opinion. They ruthlessly tore up homes, displaced people, set families homeless on the streets to make room for their P-R party. I lost my apetite, and I don't feel like watching the games this year.

As to why George won’t snub their party, well he can’t. We owe them so much money they will take their revenge by simply slowing their purchases of our bonds, thus plunging our country into financial disaster. He knows this, which is why he’s been so nice to them. Oops, George, you've got a little smudge on your nose.

Cheyenne Diner - gone

The bad news is the Cheyenne Diner has closed. On Ninth Avenue, open 24 hours, and THE perfect inexpensive spot to go for breakfast after a late night at the bars. Bring your date there first, chat over nourishing food, and thus restored, go on to whatever pleasures await you.

This is one New York City landmark I will genuinely miss. I have been going there for decades, usually in the wee hours when nothing would satisfy my hunger pangs but a sit me down with a plate of their eggs, home fries, sausage, honest coffee and a milk shake. That was food. Real food.

If the building were for sale, I'd buy it and move it somewhere where it would live again. It's a museum worthy piece of American history. Sad that NYC doesn't respect its treasures.

Another excellent late spot in the meat market is Hectors, on Washington Street, down the block from Forent, which is going to close because the landlord has a voracious, ugly appetite for money. You could het great mussels, excellent steak frites, and a decent cotes du thone at any hour.

Hectors has an excellent eggs, etc. menu too. It used to be the best place to go, and was packed in the pre dawn hours with butchers who used to work in the MMA. Is it me, or is this world coming to something that no one wants. I miss those guys in the white coats and hard hats.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Socialista: There goes the neighborhood

I'm quoting from another blog, but here goes:

"Socialista is quite possibly the most annoying and underwhelming establishment I've ever been to....a complete loss. It's the kind of place where patrons are made to wait outside in the cold while a doorman with the most severe case of tiny-penis complex I've ever witnesses does his best job of seeming relevant and important. ... The disapointment really came when I finally stepped in from the cold only to find that the interior is 30 degrees colder in terms of character and soul. Save yourself the hassle. If it's the AMAZING band you seek (Grupo Irek), they have a myspace page and perform at various locations throughout the city. They are a MUST see! If it's just another fabulous New York City night that floats your boat... stick to B8!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Crushing Heel of the Fed

The big announcement from the Fed today is the poor guy now has no chance of getting out from under. Real relief is not forthcoming. Homes will not be built, the construction industry hurts, the people who want a home are denied one. And all because another Bush proclamation that would be borrowers are "recklessly speculating". He is talking about people--human beings, voters and American citizens: people who only wanted to come in out of the rain. The real speculators are the developers and banks who are permitted to construct these usurious traps for innocents to fall into, and mortgage brokers who encourage them.

Instead of ruling that banks can no longer create ARM mortgages, it instead makes lending impossible. Morons. Utter shameless bastards.