Tuesday, June 03, 2008


It occurs to me to wonder of the Arabs are using the oil prices to hurt us, or to lower the CO2 in Earth's atmosphere. I think they're out to screw us all, and to gain control of the world. They end up benefiting their swollen coffers, and those of the Bush cronies, including our VP, the one with no sense of humor.

The carrot W once held out to the gullible was we'd somehow get access to Iraq's oil is just a lie, a myth. We're screwed.

So then where does it go? I'm wondering what these oil pumpers are planning next. I see a tragic turn in US policy to drill for oil wherever we can, the wilderness be damned. I also see a few congressmen thinking of how we can take away that control from OPEC, even by force if need be. Nasty business, that.

Meanwhile, I see the cabbies finally rising up and taking a stand against the city's unreasonable gouging of the weakest, charging for credit card fees, gas, with no help at the meter. No less than six drivers last month told me they were thinking of giving up the cabs. Two owned their cabs, and were stuck paying off a huge loan on their medallions. So what is Mayor Bloomberg thinking? How can he screw the little guy again?

If they end up making a monumental move to block traffic, I'd be glad.

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Rebecca263 said...

We are hoping to find a small place in the boonies, near a bus depot. We want to get out of sight, in every way possible, other than the internet.
Hope you're well!