Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Feel like Chinese?

I feel deeply for the athletes who spent so much time, sweat and blood to hone their Olympic skills. I hate to see their dreams and goals trashed. But there is a higher ethic to be addressed. The Olympic Committee wants to build a trophy on dead bodies created by a host who will whitewash his dastardly deeds by hosting the Olympics. Is it right to let Beijing gain favor by doing so at the expense of the Olympians, the Tibetans et al, who are regularly crushed by Chinese policy? Do not the Olympics stand for more than gymnastics and throwing javelins?

Make no mistake. The Chinese are clever, and skilful, wily, and wise; they are also dangerous, and understand how to sway public opinion. They ruthlessly tore up homes, displaced people, set families homeless on the streets to make room for their P-R party. I lost my apetite, and I don't feel like watching the games this year.

As to why George won’t snub their party, well he can’t. We owe them so much money they will take their revenge by simply slowing their purchases of our bonds, thus plunging our country into financial disaster. He knows this, which is why he’s been so nice to them. Oops, George, you've got a little smudge on your nose.

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